Memorial Project 2018

For the year 2018, several memorial events are in preparation:


The fascinating history of the DP Hospital will be presented in the Gallery of St. Ottilien by the Jewish Museum Munich: „The Benedictine Monastery of St. Ottilien and its Jewish History 1945-48“ (June 10 – September 23, 2018). The Jewish Museum Munich will show an installation in its own site dealing with the same topic from May 13 – September 23, 2018.


A research colloquium about the history of the DP Hospital (June 10 – June 12, 2018) in the Guest house of the monastery. Among other topics, it will deal with medical care and organization of the hospital, children at St. Ottilien, religious life (Yeshiva of Abba Snieg at St. Ottilien), cultural activities, especially the Hofmekler-orchestra. The symposium is organized by the Department for Jewish History and Culture of the Munich University. Moderator: Evita Wiecki.
Program of the symposium: program

Memorial Concert

A memorial concert will be held in memory the Liberation Concert of May 27, 1945, on September 23, 2018, under the patronage of the Jewish Community of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

Information Center

Inauguration of an Information center about the DP Hospital and Sanatorium, the Jewish Delivery Station and the Concentration Camp cemetery.