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If you have photographs from the DP Hospital St. Ottilien, the DP Camp Landsberg am Lech or the DP Hospital Sonnenhof in Bad Woerishofen (both closely connected to the Ottilien Hospital), and you want to know more about unknown persons in these photographs, you are invited to send those photographs to We will upload your images and forward you any useful information which is sent to us.

Photographs from the collection of Abram Sawicki and Sara Sawicka (nee Gerberbaum) who married and lived in St. Ottilien from 1945-47
Photographs by courtesy of © Dr. Alec Savicky, Elsternwick

Photographs from the collection of John Glass, born in the DP Hospital in 1948
Photographs by courtesy of © John Glass, Melbourne

Nurses of the DP Hospital
Photographs by courtesy of © Dr. Burt Rochelson, New York

Photographs from Mates Burger who lived in St. Ottilien from 1946-48
Mates (Matthew) Burger, born August 6, 1923, was at St. Ottilien after a traumatic amputation of his left arm from May 1946 until the dissolution of the hospital in May 5, 1948. He can be seen on a photo of the Jewish Review from May/June 1946. On another photo a nurse can be seen who was very supportive when he was so depressed after the loss of his arm. He had survived the war and the death of his parents and then was devastated by this ironic twist of fate. He also mentioned the surgeon who took great care of him. He met another survivor, Chana Zylbercwajg, at St. Otilien. I was born at Lagerlechfeld in August, 1948. The last person on the right in the group photo (my father not included) might have been a friend of my father’s with the last name of Kurland (Max Burger).
Photographs by courtesy of © Max Burger, New Jersey