List of patients (602 persons) from June 1945: Patients list 1945


Jewish doctors
Berman, Dr. Zalman (born 18.10.1888 in Kovno)
Branntwein, Dr. Simon (born 23.8.1911 in Dniepropietrowsk)
Katz, Dr. Nochum (born 31.3.1910 in Kovno)
Grinberg, Dr. Zalman (born 4.9.1912 in Schaulen, emigrated in July 1946 to Palestina)
Goldman, Dr. Abraham (born 26.6.1897 in Lublin)
Ipp, Dr. Chaim (born 28.10.1911 in Vilnius)
Kaplan-Molk, Dr. Riwa (born 27.11.1907 in Kovno)
Kartagener, Dr. Simon (born 24.9.1909 in Przemysl)
Kaufman, Dr. Jakob (born 2.1.1903 in Kovno)
Kolodner, Dr. Berko (born 10.3.1893 in Krynki)
Lurje, Dr. Moses (born 27.12.1901 in Joniski)
Rabinowitsch, Dr. Fesach (born 18.3.1893 in Ligum)
Richman, Dr. David (born 29.3.1907 in Kovno, in November 1946 transferred to Munich)
Viducinski, Dr. Isak, Chief Medical Officer for the Womens‘ Department (born 7.8.1909 in Kovno)
Windzberg, Dr. Wolf (born 15.7.1904 in Ludwinowo)

Jewish nurses and personnel
Berkman, Judith (born 10.10.1927, emigrated in November 1946 to USA)

German doctors
Kaiser, Dr. Hanns (born 13.6.1921 in Lindau, died 2012, worked in the DP Hospital from May 1, 1945, to June 15, 1946)