From April 1945 to May 1948, the dissolved Benedictine monastery of Sankt Ottilien was transformed into a DP hospital, rehabilitation center and camp where over the years more than 5000 concentration camp patients were cared for. It served as a central maternity station for Jewish mothers where 428 children were born. Here some noteworthy events took place: On May 27, 1945, the liberated camp prisoners organized a Liberation Concert. On July 25-26, 1945, liberated Jews from all military zones met here for the first time and founded a central committee. Here under the supervision of Rabbi Shmuel Abba Snieg the „Survivors‘ Talmud“ was edited by a Torah School. This Internet archive documents persons and events connected to the DP hospital with the desire to honor courage and hope. If you have additional information of any kind about the St. Ottilien DP hospital or if you want a guided tour, please contact the webmaster.