Site Map

1. Delivery ward and Nursery (today a guest house)
2. Houses for medical staff (today houses for employees)
3. Administration Center for UNRRA (no longer exists)
4. Hospital: rooms for patients (today guest and retreat house)
5. First floor: Torah school; second floor: rooms for the nurses (today home for refugees)
6. Hospital: surgery and rooms for patients, in the basement kosher kitchen (today middle school)
7. Hospital/monastery: operating 1 deposit casino rooms, x-ray facility, dispensary and rooms for medical staff (moved out in March until July 1947 in favor of the returning monks and mainly transferred to 6)
8. Hospital/monastery: rooms for patients (moved out in summer 1947 for the returning monks)
9. Building used as a store room for the Hospital in the basement (clothes and food) and as a tailor’s shop in the upper rooms. The large room („library“) served as a synagogue (no longer exists)
10. DP Hospital cemetery
11. Office of Dr. Zalman Grinberg