Liberation Concert & DP-Orchestra

Lawn in front of the monastery school/Western hospital wing where the Liberation Concert took place.

Liberation Concert on May 27, 1945 (document kindly provided by Dr. Robert Hilliard)

of the Liberation-concert
Hospital for essays services political ex-prisoners
in Germany in St. Ottilien.
May 27th 1945
4.30 p.m.

Official part.
E. Grieg Triumphal march

Opening Speech
by Z. Grinberg, M.D.
Head doctor of the Hospital
for political Ex-prisoners
in Germany in St. Ottilien

A. Steinberg Lamentations of Israel
Prayer to Commemorate the Dead
Oberkantor S. Schanker

Hymnes of the Allied Nations

Musical part.
1. G. Bizet Suite L’Arlèsienne
a) Intermezzo
b) Farandole
2. E. Grieg Solveig’s Song
3. Jewish folk-songs
a) Shadows
b) „Ich bank‘ a Heim“ (I want to see my home)
sung by H. Dutarschken
4. H. Steinmann Kol Biedrei
violon solo by A. Stapel
5. Fantasia of Sowiet songs

C.C. I Dachau-Kaufering orchestra
conducted by A. Stapel
concert-master M. Hofmekler

Invitation to the Liberation Concert for Archabbot Chrysostomus Schmid by Dr. Grinberg
(Archives of the Archabbey St. Ottilien, Private Correspondence of Archabbot Chrysostomus)

Photographs shown by courtesy of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
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Yiddish Article in Landsberger Lager-Cayjtung 18 (30), 1946, about a concert of the St. Ottilien Orchestra for the members of the Nuremberg trials on May 7, 1946:

Members of the Orchestra

Michael Hofmekler, Conductor
Motel Borstein, Violonist